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First super easy sales system for your business that will support you in making good decisions and will save lots of your time!
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1000+ places use
nomee daily
more revenue
Correct orders
Faster service
“Using nomee is great for our business. I can easilly manage several restaurants from one device. Helped me better optimize my costs and better manage the team. Thanks to their live statistics I keep my eye on what os going on in my restaurants
Adam Zakrzewsky
Founder of warburger
burger chain with 6 places
It'll take care of your data for you and give you insights and notifications
Super easy & fast
It's easiest POS we had. Our staff don't need any training - We hear it very often
Customize all functions to suite your needs. It'll help you with all

See some of our special solutions that will help you

nomee cloud

nomee cloud with your super important data.
SUPER EASY to use.
Available everywhere and anywhere

faster you can get any data
data under control
nomee inventory

Inventory management?
You'll get inventory partner.

Our system will inform you about ending products, create order, count losses and count all costs.

counted products
less of losed products

Full control of your cash, staff management, permissions etc.

System counts everything what is important in your business.

you'll save each month on controlling
actions under control
nomee customer screen

Customer is ordering something. Show current offers and collect more TIPS than ever.

more tips
more sales

And much much more what you'll need

QR code menu & ordering
Delivery integrations Uber eats, Bolt etc
Loyalty customers accounts
Up to 5 KDS and 5 check printers
Open API
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Why choose  nomee?

nomee is great POS for your business
Features included :
Monthly payments
Great cloud with all data
Resignation any time
Great support
Easy installation
Great new solution with 1000s of clients
Other Softwares
Features included :
Complicated fee structure
Hard to get any data
Long term contracts
Have poor support and weekends off
Hard to install
Old solutions huge and very complicated
Core Features
POS & cloud
Loyalty programs
Employee management
Stock control
Stock orders
Online store, QR menu
Mobile sales
Per month
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Ideal for cafes, bakeries, small places.
Per month
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Ideal for medium restaurants and medium places
Per month
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For huge restaurants and chains of places

We work with best customers.

“Since we run our business with nomee POS system - everything had become simplier“
“We have access to all our data even if we are home. We see which produts sell best so we can create better products and see what our customers want“
“With intuitive screen we can onboard our team very fast. With easy use and printing checks we speed up service “
What can u do to start using nomee
See our demo account
Make online call
Meet our sales team
Best POS system for small & medium businesses
Talk to a real human
Send us a message and let's talk how we can improve your business
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Improve all of your business needs
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